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Perplexed Inspiration

October 2, 2014

This piece was originally written  September 6, 2014 as submission for a book- This piece was denied so I will share it here today

It seems no matter how much I speak, write or type
Family, Love, Trust, Life’s Meaning

Are eternal conversations
I aim to seek
Factors of Life that are within

Family seems to me as the Test of them ALL, and the most well adjusted people of this world are the Ones who have a “good rapport” with members of their family

What seems to create this rapport?- Respect

What is Respect?- The ability to be honest with self enough to know that what you see in others may very well exist in you- so learn to accept people as they are- and if you truly feel, need, and desire for them to change, find the BEST MEANS possible to express it to the ACTUAL PERSON – speak your peace and then let them be.

If you can help – help- Build Up- stop tearing down your kin over temporary mistakes and choices- troubles don’t last always- although ten years is a mighty long time

Most of us are in drastic turmoil with Self and Family; and we can’t get past a 30 year cycle of unnecessary killing in these streets, and our world is drying from all the senseless blood shed from ALL parties and this lack of consideration and respect for the lives of others would decrease if more of us could grasp that we are a Family created by more than just relations and blood. Family is the ones we have the closest bond too.

One of the greatest Purpose in Life’s Meaning is Trust, Love, and Family.

The people given to us is our 1st test;-  then family becomes the people we give our hearts to Love and Trust. And when we live our lives in Trust and Love, we boldly move to share more with people we encounter.

I know Loving our given Family is not an easy task- and they can get on your nerves causing anger that boils our blood hotter than any heat on a summer’s worst day- yet we are given each other -and we have no control over who we are born to. We are born to be given to this world.

We spend too much time talking to people about our family, for us as a people not to be better with family.
Family, Love, Trust, Life’s Meaning and Purpose

Whether we find peace with the ones given to us or the family we make- Life has meaning and purpose when we Love and Trust- so let’s start with the ones given to us- because Lord knows we didn’t pick them.

Revised February 5, 2015

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