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“Un- Caged” Birds- Free Fly

September 23, 2014

In Mother Angelou’s “I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings”

Marguerite stop speaking fearing her voice was the reason the man was killed

Blaming herself for others actions – not seeing his actions towards her was the cause to his demise

Waking up with murderers knowing they will not hurt you

But ever since that day “she was looking at them different”

She sat quietly observing her surroundings

Then her teacher helps her to push out her fear

And when she spoke again she shared the most “beautifullest” words

She had to realize what happened to her was not her blame
Although it hurts to remember where it sparked

In this summary of this story I share some of me too
Glad to say never been touched by a male stranger or family man
Yet the pain “men” cause

created hurt

things of shame

It brings the worse no matter what’s done when in those “states”

I praise God because thus far I have made it through

I pray He “will keep me from evil that I may not cause pain”

Prior to the knowing of that prayer

The birds were caged
Today they fly Free
Sharing their Good and music all anywhere they land

Happy Tuesday Everyone- Grateful that I now share my voice and words vowing to get better each day. With an added Gratefulness to Nature where I see “Numerous” “Various” Species of birds fly Free through the yard everyday.


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