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September 22, 2014

When used wisely and constructively next to experience anything Media related can create benefits to broaden “perception” and “perspective”; which can heighten awareness, validates understanding and allow the user to gain if understanding didn’t exist.

We all will see some things we wouldn’t do as individuals; but if we can tone down our usage of expressing how stupid something maybe -Our view of the world can be learned from home in more depth if we desire, and in my view no matter what I see the question asked after is will this build? Maybe it will be just entertainment, maybe” it’s not my cup of tea”, the question of how did it build?, does it build at all? changes how I view it. If we choose to learn 3 new things everyday over time knowledge will build.

“I rejoice in the power that I have my own mind to use in any way I choose.” Louise Hay affirmation- You can Heal Your Life

I have decided to use my mind to build and I named a few projects I would use from this building. I have been granted the time and I use it to learn how to build my mind to build. My environment has shifted to create actions towards building spiritually, mentally, physically, Honestly and Confident. Today in this moment I am grateful to have both actions and mind moving together more now than ever before, with an added focus on vocabulary to increase understanding and details to the story. The experience, my masterpiece and legacy.

Happy Monday Everyone – Let’s get to Learning and Building – because a destructive world benefits No One.

Revised and “re-written” February 5, 2015

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