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My view on the 2014 NFL news

September 18, 2014

Good Morning- well let’s get started- when all this NFL stuff began I felt it was personal because of the timeline of the actual occurrence of the abuse to when the “MEDIA” decided to make it such an outrage.-Whether the word of it was out in March or not (regardless of the tape or not)- I found it strange that something that happened in March didn’t become a “newsworthy” issue until August ( again regardless of the tape or not) the time of releasing is question to me- so I am asking- Why does it make such a difference now whether he keeps playing or not? Whether we like it or not with or without the money people are abused daily, so why is this abuse so much more important than something that happens daily? Whether we like it or not his position is to handle a ball not to lead the country? We are the ones making them role models because of the money they make, but at the end of the day their position is to handle a ball, that’s all that is it.

In the beginning I felt it had to be something personal against Ray Rice, however after the continued and constant info being released- I am now convinced the person they are really after is NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

NO, I am not agreeing with any crime of abuse against anyone, NO ONE. Yet the more they release the so called “new information” and the dates of the abuse to now- wanting to punish someone months after, with a few who have been been to court for the issue that’s now so appalling- where they need to loose their job. – Many feel these players should face actions with their jobs for actions outside of work- so now I ask this- if we are so appalled by this abuse of women going on with these men in the NFL- why are we NOT doing the same for ALL these Racist ASS COPS who have been using their badges to beat, kill, and arrest innocent people daily.– If you feel a person who throws a ball is such a disgrace to the public- then how in the hell are “YOU” allowing people who attack the public on any given Sunday to keep their jobs which requires them to protect the public they so freely beat( especially minorities and the POOR). Old case or not, in light of new evidence, why are they not being punished for their crimes and lately ALL their shit has been caught on film. Why are they serving little to no time in jail, payed under review, and often relocated but rarely un-employed. The men I these case are abusive at home and work-I have never seen an outrage of media support, women’s league, or anything to the magnitude of all the companies and corporations that are involved in these cases. They are ALL taking a stand because this abuse of women cannot be tolerated and viewed as acceptable right?

And now MOST of the country is in a need to ensure that their voices are heard to express with much outrage that the NFL has over 87 reports involving 80 players in the last 14 years- oh my- now I ask-how many people total have played for the NFL in the last 14 years- let alone all the people involved in NFL offices, trades, and other positions- now ask how many police shootings and beatings have we had over the last 14 years- including all 50 states, cities, counties, and townships?- how many woman have been abused by their police counterparts over the last 14 years, and WTF did Roger Goodell really do where you are bringing up much OLD -as if men beating on women and children is anything new- I remember Presidents, Politicians, Rock Stars, and NHL fights and abuse from years ago- why is it so necessary for everyone to become un-employed and loose endorsements.

So to make sure I am clear again I don’t agree with the abuse, but I am against anyone loosing their job over human issues that happen outside of work, and have nothing to do with their performance in their position or their demeanor in the work environment, and if “YOU” are really calling on the NFL to take a stand against abuse because it’s so appalling then make it fair and start with your RACIST ASS COPS, then your Politicians, and then all these CEO’s of these major companies of the products we buy everyday. Who’s position is more worthy to the image of the public -the man who handles a ball or the people who have influence on the DAILY lives of the PUBLIC!!!

Revised February 5, 2015

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  1. Well said. Good points.

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