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September 17, 2014

” The man who looks at Life at fifty the same way he did when he was thirty has wasted 20 years of his Life.”- Muhammad Ali

We have so many “traditional sayings” that allow our minds to refuse change and acceptance-

while the saying goes there is nothing new under the sun-

Everything in Life changes-

and the only thing that’s not new and constant- is that battle of Good vs Evil- other than that Everything in Life changes daily- and although the dates on the calendar may repeat- that actual time will never repeat itself again

We are facing much these days- and the only choice that stands is are we going to Build or Tear Down? – and if we wish to Tear down – will we rebuild better or leave it vacant?

See the change, embrace the change, and face the demons within because we all have them- some have learned to rebuke theirs better than others- yet everyday we ALL are faced with a choice of good and evil

What’s I consider evil is not just the “usual” sin – for me evil can be ANYTHING that keeps us from our God intended purpose- while there are ten that are listed – the ones we don’t see are the ones I sense we are most guilty of

Happy Bible Study Wednesday – what can I say- when I watch the news, see the lies, and the constant tearing down of people – this is what my mind thinks- I always say it’s deeper than the bullshit they are feeding us- The same 3 companies control EVERY station, and we as “Blacks” are the main ones characters stuck on their screens in a negative – and it is part because we refuse to change and see beyond

Revised February 5, 2015

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