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Embrace Your Good- revised April 18, 2014-Happy Official Good Friday

April 19, 2014

Embrace Your Good
by Niki Alston
written Sept 2007
edited, typed and shared November 28, 2011
revised April 18, 2014

The title of this was piece was inspired by a message on a family reunion T-shirt
Embrace the Good
And The Good will Find You
Discover Your Roots
Adventure Home Land
Find the Good and Praise It
Alex Haley

Why do we constantly replay the worst and not the best

Spike Lee wrote “Do the Right Thing”
Raheem speaks a tale of Love verses Hate
Hate would be the usual suspect in Radio’s fate

“How did hate kill the one who speaks “Love Wins”?
Killed from the Hate of the “man”
It saddens to know that
Hate cultivates from within

Filled with Anger
Hostility shows
Right the wrong
Just cause

Is it a story we tell, because it’s been told

“Why does hate kill the one who spoke “Love Wins”

Is it a story we tell, because it’s been told
Does Hate feel so good
Our souls stay sold

If Love Wins
Cultivate that good from within
Free Yourself to Love
Because in Truth it Wins

Embrace the Good and the Good will find You
Discover Your Roots
To find your Good and Praise It

Love You, to Love me
I Love me to Love You
Embracing everything good flowing inside of me
A Soul of Galatians chapter 5 verses 21 through 23

Creating a women of character, peace, style and poise
Humility through Grace
Growing understanding, knowledge and wisdom

Take that fall into Love
I beg and plea
Embrace Your good
Starting from within
Embrace Your Good
and Love will continue to Win!!!

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