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The Rebel Spirit

April 9, 2014

The Rebel Spirit
written November 10, 2005 10:09
revised April 9. 2014

GOD please forgive me, I won’t humble myself to Man
GOD please forgive me, because I will not humble myself to man.
I read your books, so I’m inquiring about who YOU are.
Your Word, Your Ways and MIND EYES became open to man.

They are playing a game, with made up rules, cheaters never win I thought they knew.
This game with man I thought I refused to play, but it seems to start over every day.

I’m refusing to submit to man, without submitting to You first.
I’m refusing to submit to a man, without submitting to YOU First
I am refusing to submit a man, without submitting to YOU FIRST, GOD

The rules for your submission are simple and plain:
Confess Your Son Jesus as Lord and Savior.
Let Go
Honor You and Your Word, and You Will do the same.

Funny how times flies when you’re having Fun
I confessed Your name back then, but in MIND EYES life had just begun.
It was the beginning, a start of Your Perfect Work
-Work a PROCESS or an occupation that requires TIME

A beginning for me to search the Truth. Be Free. Be Me and do whatever I please.
Free will is all MIND EYES heard.
I joined the church back then because my heart told me so.

Not seeking my real purpose, I went down life’s highway. Watching what they do.
The ride was so smooth; I didn’t know I was driving so fast, hundred miles or better not anticipating the crash.

I used my beginning to show off what I can do, everything I learned from watching them.
Not YOU, I was watching the person who introduce me to YOU, and the man that told me about YOU, and the people who have YOU on the wall. I watched everybody that said they knew YOU.
They all said they knew YOU, so I believed them and I decided to what they do.
I missed seeking GOD like they SAID, I assumed to follow them and I will find YOU.

Cheaters never win, I thought I knew.

I crashed so hard I couldn’t walk, talk, or see.
Like a sudden jump during a deep sleep, I awakened with a feeling.
The feeling of YOU, I know it because my heart says it’s True.

I’m BLESSED to survived this crash at such a high speed, and tell everyone that will hear what has happened to me.
I laid there reflecting on Life, and all I have seen. Find myself confessing YOU GOD are the Real Thing.

I’m basing this on what I know; nothing more than that, not a book or a man can support my simple heart fact.
This feeling was accompanied with a voice that pleas

This voice was the only thing I could hear as I begin to rise
With words that echoed I am standing by your side
Leaving whispers in my ear, it will be okay Stay on My Path
“Stay on my path”
Prompt me to ask how did I end up on a highway?

Watching them I turned and that wasn’t where I was supposed to be.
Watching man, I turned and that wasn’t where I was supposed to be
Watching me man, I turned and that wasn’t where I was supposed to Be.

It’s been an honor and a pleasure to take this ride, to walk away from something like this with YOU by my side.

My words are my thoughts, and thoughts become actions

So GOD please be patient with me. I know You are not through with me yet.

Faithful I Am, Strong I can Be, one of the TRUEST out here. But like many I’m confessing to Let Go, trying to figure out how.

I’m sitting down for a while, vowing to seek You.
Hoping to see your smile.
This is how I feel only my heart can support this fact.

So GOD please forgive me, I will not humble myself to a man without submitting to YOU, FIRST, JEHOVAH

“That men may know that thou, whose name alone is JEHOVAH, art the Most High over all the Earth.”- Psalms 83:18

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