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I Am Part I

April 1, 2014

I Am Part I
Was the original title of this piece written and shared in 2011
Revised, Edited, and Updated on March 31, 2014- not sure if the title fits

Made a video (3.31.2014)today about 12 noon asking How can we make Pretty –”Prettier” 🙂
Made a decision to work on updating Blog earlier this year –finish this update at 10:14 PM on March 31, 2014
Only to see the final question of this piece asks _ Do you hear more about God’s goodness or God’s deliverance from all your sins?

Over time many of us have been taught by “organized religion” with its teaching being the principle of standards. While its fairly obvious that our generation and the generations before us had more respect for elders and authority –It is my belief that the respect for our elders and authority began to take a drastic shift starting late 80’s with major decline during the 90’s-which brings me to the reason for this post.

Without a shadow of doubt I believe in GOD, and I have a good foundation in His Word; what I am sensing that’ s causing this catastrophe and chaos we have going on around us from the weather, our economy, our youth, and the blatant disrespect of our President (authority); is all happening because of our lack of respect for GOD and His Word. And whether we like it or not “organized religion” has truly damaged this world and unfortunately many of our “Black” churches do a great “injustice” and add tremendously to much of this chaos.

The church is designed to serve GOD yet at “many” “black churches” that I have attended and “experienced”- We have a tendency to value the “in the crowd” of the congregation more than We value pleasing God and reaching out to his people. In my opinion there are too many Mega “Black” churches, “Black” churches, and “Black Christians” “currently at this time” for our people to be affected by any “economic crisis” and truthfully too many “black” millionaires period, for our people to be suffering in the numbers that we are. And I am expressing my concern thinking this is so because by the 50’s and 60’s we as a people graduated from God to material possessions at such a magnitude We began to use God’s goodness as a means of justifying why half of the churches money should go to pay Pastor’s salary instead of maintain community. And whether we like it or not the battle graduated from no “Drug Dealer” should have more than a man of God; thus beginning “the war against the streets”. And we have to join in on this war because they (meaning dealers) don’t care, they are going to kill us (the story for whites when it comes to color) and they have no regards for Life( the case for courts when its comes to the outrageous sentencing of these crimes); and because of this war many people continue to die at the hands of both preachers and dealers.

And I am sure reading this, many will take offense to “organized religion” or “Black churches” -judgment will set in and the point will go past your head; if you are a millionaire and it came to mind “I aint spending my money to save the whole damn world I can only take care of me and mine”, that’s not what I was suggesting at all; if we really feel that “drug dealers and crack” are the reasons why “Black” is in such chaos please understand I agree the entire crack epidemic played a major part in the destruction of much “Black”- however a “truer” part is if we deeply feel this way then there shouldn’t be a CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid or any other pharmacy in business.

We are warring against present situations based on past hate and what is going to break that hate is some dark ugly shit coming to light that most see, yet are not addressing it to the extent it should be addressed. You see I wrote in a poem that race will read “Citizen or non-Citizen” the thoughts in my head are transcending beyond “color”.

Therefore on this revised edition – I would like to ask churches can we please preach a sermon without sharing the same messages “400 years later” of how God doesn’t care if you are a drug dealer, a whore, or a child out of wedlock-if we are all born sinners then why are we calling sinners sins out by title, as if one sin outweighs the other sins of many- rarely DOES any church repeatedly and wholeheartedly sermon and preach on pedophiles or how many are standing at the pulpit liking to “play with man’s and boy’s booty” in secrecy. How is it that we are not pass sexual preference by now and people are living down low and spreading much at rapid rates because many are “forced” to live in lies, and be ashamed of almost everything? “Black” people sins are bigger than drugs, alcohol, fornication, sexuality and adultery. Sins are GREATER than drugs, alcohol, fornication, sexuality, and adultery.

I read about a woman, 101 years old who as evicted out of her home she had been in for 60 years; there are too many churches, tithes, and people around for this to be happening to anyone especially someone 101 years old; when her house went up for eviction this should have made news; she made news the day she got kicked out. Something such as this shouldn’t even have paperwork processed.

This conversation could go on for days, and I know I am not speaking on things that have not been mentioned before, while my mind continues to wander and I continue to write, the best example I can be to anything written is to Live it. Do I share my money freely? Regardless of what I say I would rather for others to testify to that. Do I practice what I preach? I have my good days and not so good days always vowing to be better the next day. Am I kind to all? I do my best -I am Spirit and Flesh -some days Flesh wins, and many more days Flesh has won big!!

So I Leave you with this, GOD taught all these things in His Word Love Unity and Respect, how many of us out here Trust the church, and feel that the lessons I am aiming to address have been the core teachings of the church since the beginning of time, or since the early 80’s? How about now? Do you hear more about God’s goodness or God’s deliverance from ALL your sins?

Revised February 4, 2015

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