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April 1st 2014

April 1, 2014

Good Day Everyone- I would like to Thank You all for your support, encouragement, and time.  Thanks to Donna Campbell Smith, Jackie Dove- Miller, Dorothy Faye Orr, and many other wonderful women of The Franklin County Arts Council.

I will be editing, revising, and rewriting 🙂 All previous posts on this page. While I will do my best to be more precise and straight to the point- I clearly understand no matter how I see it and want to say it- All will not agree-And for once I am GOOD with that_

I am glad to say all the writings from now on will Clearly be me in Table of Contents 🙂 If you require further details you are going to have to pay.

Happy Tuesday Everyone- no jokes or tricks here just Everyday Laughter, Love, Peace, Soul and Happiness.


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  1. The detailed editing is finally taking place February 2015- Thank You again ladies for your time, patience, and Love-

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