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The Message and The Messengers

February 14, 2014

I watch History
seeing a certain “vice” resonate
with many of the Greats

No matter the shade
the “vice” of fall
brands the same
sending the vast majority
to “early” graves

The Great Messengers
Profound and Powerful
somewhere in their 30’s
Life presence is through
Mr. Heron however made 62

In weakness of Strengths
The Message and the Messengers
Connects the World
Molds Being and
Defines Soul

The Message and the Messengers
Spoken History
Guiding Present Days
Words Living Beyond
Day of Deliverance
It’s Giver
and their Grave

Ironically of their  Dying
“short” lives Lived
Time gone to soon
Exits of Harshness
Givers of Words
for Life, Love, Peace
Granting their name’s Soul
Existence for Eternity

Passing Baton, Prayers and Dreams
Linking Past, Present
as ONE

Giving instruction to continue
Fight to refuse the “vices”
Write to Speak
The Message and The Messengers

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