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I Am Glad You Spoke UP!!!!!

October 30, 2013

In this world where everyone is expressing themselves and we are seeing so much in masses very few are truly saying what’s really needs to be said because EVERYTHING is OFFENSIVE NOW and it’s time to agree on what’s offensive and what’s not- and although there will never be a unified front on this- I agree if we ask the HONEST QUESTIONS we will get the right, Honest, Best, ANSWERS to a COMMON GROUND- It started as the Constitution now its just a bunch of NIGGAS ARGUING and its time for it ALL TO STOP!!!!! And Please be clear MY PRESIDENT OBAMA IS NOT THE NIGGA I AM SPEAKING OF!!!!! The NIGGAS I am addressing are EVERYONE ABOVE AND AROUND HIM!!!! The fact that as much as I LOVE FOOTBALL, making plans to take my kids to a few games right now; does not pay any type of taxes at all on a hurting economy and have been doing it longer than 8 years ago- this the above Obama I see The fact that I saw an FB post saying my foodstamps went from $1170 to $1106 as if that was tragedy- are NIGGAS the AROUND HIM I see October 19th 2013, I celebrated being employed for a year like it was a MIRACLE because it was the 1st time Niki has been employed longer than a year in the last 13 years. I have worked at more jobs than my age (which is 38) and out of 21 years of being “in the workforce” 2013 I celebrate a full year of employment- Hallelujah Kids here this (Slick Rick) So 20 years out of high school three kids and the year of waitressing has produced more MIRACLES than even I can comprehend Tonight as I wind down from a day of rest, football practice, dishes, dirty clothes, and prayers -I reflect on Monday night at work as we laughed about a staff meeting -where a fellow employee of ours was in the process of telling a bold face lie about a mistake that anyone could make – however this fellow employee decides to Lie about something that happened during my shift- Let’s just say it took said Niki, me, to crush that lie Another co- worker of ours laughed and said Damn ALL of DC came out in YOU- and even my owner looked at me and said I am glad you spoke up I mentioned that to say if Niggas will lie about stupid small shit that happens in the kitchen -imagine how deep the lies about more important issues occur. We must be willing to come to a common ground to do away with much of the bullshit from all the NIGGAS around . Revised February 4, 2015

  1. Donna permalink

    Congratulations on your one year anniversary!

  2. Great post, Niki! Telling the truth, with compassion, especially about myself, to myself, has become one of my major spiritual practices. And, congrats on your 1 year anniversary! That is HUGE!

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