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I Live On

September 28, 2013

Kindness- benevolence -good-hearted- helping nature- charitable deed- philanthropy-grace-favor-tender-considerate- benign- concern for others- humane- eleemosynary- concerned for charity

In all things associated with kindness not one word is a synonym for ignorance or stupidity- contrary to many beliefs her motives or intent can never be driven, decided, or planned by malice, or deceit

Many hate her and often take her for granted and/or aim to take advantage of her helping nature as she is often naïve.  She extends her hand and gifts to many, some who are undeserving spirits- and it saddens to say some succeed at mistreating her for awhile

She aims to please and cries for peace so the spirits make accusations against her- such as being fake, or having hidden agendas-being good to someone because you can- especially strangers -doesn’t make sense

They often despise the compliments she receives for her services and they speak harsh and ill words towards her if she decides to place her meek ways aside to stand up for herself-for every good thing spoken about her- they jump at the opportunity to point out something that will belittle her and her deeds

Kindness may give you a piece of her mind and heart- and although she is stunned by the pain and harshness of others-realizing their intent will never be good- she just leaves not saying a word- and her goodness is never known or shown to that one again

Her exit is silent-her entrance the same- with ways so unique and random – the reasons for her being are hard to predict, understand or explain

She extends her best by every definition

Blessings and Goodness are genuinely her’s

Therefore her charity begets charity, her helping of others encourages and uplifts, those random acts provide hope daily

And she will continuously rise and her nature will reign

For Good, Truth, Grace and Favor are included in her being and kindness will Live On.

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