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One Person

September 16, 2013

Sometimes it only takes one thing to happen to someone to make one reconsider how they are living their life.

Although I have good intentions on being there for so many- as one person Sunday made me think -how much can I as one person do

Midnight Sunday I was with family and friends-harboring certain regrets about not making it to a Baby Shower and Wedding which were the original “planned” plans for Saturday- family events

Sunday at noon(12:00 PM) when I awaken from the  Saturday that started at 5:45 AM and ended at 6:00 AM Sunday-I was preparing breakfast for the kids and granddad rushing to make my Great Aunt’s birthday celebration that I didn’t know started at 3:00 PM until a little after 2:00pm -when I finally had a few minutes to get on the computer and check the message that would tell me the time of the party -only to see another message saying that my cousin Ray had passed that morning-family events

Now I am harboring much regret-

Thursday I told myself that I was going to make a stop before going to my Friday morning job-

Friday started at 7:15 AM instead of 6:45 AM and before going to work I wanted to type and submit a submission I wrote at 3:45 AM Friday that was due by Sunday and since I had the Baby Shower, Wedding and hair appointment for my daughter and I Saturday, knowing I would attend the Birthday party Sunday-

Friday AM after getting the kids to school on time at exactly 8:00 AM was the only free time I had to ensure I make the deadline for the Sunday submission.

I finish typing and sending in the submission at 9:00 AM Friday and I was able to make it out the door by 9:45 AM- calling my client telling her I am going to make a stop before I get to her- when I reached the exit to her house I looked at the clock and said I will make that stop after I finish with her.  I get to my client’s house to clean which turned into cleaning, washing, and helping with a computer/printer/email issue thus leaving her house 20 minutes later then planned-

After leaving my client’s house I proceed across the street to meet my daughter at her dorm to bring her home for the weekend; so she will be able to attend all the family events planned- not wanting to be late for the Friday evening job with the ability to see my youngest two kids 10 minutes before I go to work-I say to myself “I will make that stop Sunday when I bring her back to school”

Saturday’s hair appointment that started at 7:48 AM ended at 4:16 AM Sunday morning and how that happened is a story longer than the weekend all together let’s just mentioned it was partly due to an effect caused by the hideous dinner cooked on the gas grill Tuesday-plus making sure hair is no longer an issue before getting ready for school especially when I burned my youngest daughter’s neck Thursday morning in the process. I can say I personally finished at 4:03 PM thus missing the Baby Shower and Wedding -however giving me time to come back home pick up the oldest and meet my son at the football field -which he has decided that he wants to play mid-way through the season- this action allowed me to squeeze in a few minutes of my little cousin’s football game that she mentioned to me Friday at the dinner my Aunt and Uncle had after I got off from work-

The game that was scheduled to start at 6:00 PM started at 7:45 PM -I left at 8:00 PM rushing to head back to the shop to pick up the middle daughter

Thus leading to another small regret because had I called before rushing I could have watched my cousin win her game. Arriving back to the shop a little before 9:00 PM discovering my daughter still had MANY hours to go. Now this waiting time was a plus because it was spent at the SISTER’s house of the Baby Shower I missed thus allowing me to watch the Mayweather fight which I really wanted to see-

Finally leaving the shop at little before 5:00 AM Sunday- driving home my thoughts are preparing for later -cook dinner, go the Birthday celebration, take Nissa back to school and make the stop I didn’t make Friday before I went to work.

Dinner never got cooked, I was late to the celebration, and that stop I didn’t make Friday that had been on my mind since Tuesday and I said I will definitely make Sunday for sure while taking my daughter back to school was no longer an option. That stop was to go to Duke Hospital to see my Cousin Ray- as mentioned earlier I found out he died Sunday afternoon about 2 PM when I finally checked the messages. Like so many other things planned I didn’t make it in time. And I really regret taking that time for granted.

Not ONE person on this Earth is guaranteed if they will ever see any ONE again.

I regret the Baby Shower, the Wedding, and leaving the game to soon, but I have to go on record and say I truly regret most not taking the repeated opportunities to take the action of showing Cousin Ray the Love he showed us as one of the few making/ taking the time to show up in ALL White.

Rest in Paradise Cousin Ray as I continue to wrestle with responsibilities, obligations, rush, hurry, worry, 3 kids, family and friends- I will make comfort in knowing you hurt no more

The weekend of this one has ended with a Monday of solitude praying for your wife (my Aunt Nancy), sister( Josettea), your nieces(Tia, Tawana and Tasha), Milton, and my dad plus the rest of the family-You will be missed but never forgotten and always Loved/Love

Good intentions must have some type of action with it in order for the intent to be known-although I lied by saying I will be there-I pray for forgiveness and understanding-this one person truly aims for the best and Greatness of ALL!!!


February 4, 2015

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