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R.I. Paradise Chaka Lessey- August 2, 2000- my 1st piece as a writer

July 30, 2013


Thirteen years ago on July 31, 2000 I lost one so very close to me and I went through some pain I never experienced before.  I had people in my family die and there were a few before Chaka that had died from gun violence- however- Chaka was my cousin, brother, and friend all in one. And I am detailing how he died because I still cannot gasp the fact that died at the hands of a gun, I cannot grasp the fact that someone would purposely want to do that to him.

And even today as I shared my story about Chaka with my son- he said mommy I think this is the 1st time I ever heard a cry in your voice when you talk.

The amazing thing about memory is you never know what can trigger the thought- I promise his sister Mel in April -I would find what I read at his funeral and title that -my 1st piece as a writer- this weekend turning up with my cousins, laughing and drinking conversation went all over the place.

Sunday still in the good mood from Saturday I made a joke at work that reminded me of you- you was the robber and I was driver 🙂 Monday I was determined to find this letter and share it- even more amazing that tomorrow makes 13 years since you have been gone- and I am trusting this to be why I am feeling you so strong

My 1st piece as a writer written August 2, 2000 1:44 AM

Dear Chaka,

I don’t know where to begin.  Oh God,I am going to miss you!!!!! Your big hugs and your big beautiful smile.  I can’t believe this happened to you.  I know this is God’s will, but it wasn’t supposed to end like this, not this soon. I’m comforting my pain knowing that you are in a better place in good hands.  There are no words to explain how much I LOVE YOU and even lesser words to explain how much I’m going to MISS YOU.  It’s going to be hard being with ma and your sisters, not being able to ask “where Chaka?”  No more calling you, no more riding around doing what we do best.  Well Chaka this is it for me, I’m going to miss you. You will always be in my heart. It will be hard moving on without you.

Love Always Your Cousin

The Skinny Pimp

P.S. Don’t worry even though you are gone I promise to stay friends with your sisters, even Jackie. 🙂

I cried then and I cry now

I know you are proud of us all


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  1. Marc Donatien permalink

    I miss the hell outa you. There’s not a day that goes pass that i don’t think about you. You were my best friend and you will be talked about as long as i live. Rest In Peace Chak-Dog.


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