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The Greatness Within -Happy Tuesday

July 16, 2013


Happy Tuesday Everyone- As much continues to unfold- many things stay the same-and the choices we are asked and required to make and take- weigh much

On the days when it seems prayer is not enough- there have been great impacts made by Noble Peace Prize winners- google to see who they are and learn their contributions

I desire my goals to be reached and achieved

Today I am reminded to search within and remember all the small deeds I have accomplished- yet fail to consider their impact

I am reminded to remember All that has created a greater good for society reassuring why I believe what I believe

I desire to see beyond all the things I was told that were important- and remember the things that are Truly important to me

I will not rise to the dreams that I know are True
Until I embrace The greatness that lives within me to its fullest

Please do not let what they show us be the motive for our actions- instead look beyond what they show -and see – once again there are strength in numbers- and when we count our good and multiply that by each day ; this is the number of times our seeds of greatness have had their chance to be sown

Today I am reminded- that throughout my life since age 8 grade “3rd”- I have faced much opposition and still I stand to create and share a greater good then even I can handle or understand.

There is much I desire in this life- and in this moment I know its only a matter of time before all these ideas out grow me-We all have voice- when we speak what will our words be?

For me the words I speak now are from the actions and experiences of things I lived back then- things people told me I had but couldn’t see it for myself-all those small deeds of the past have created a greater impact of today-

While in man’s eyes most may say she’s just a single mother of 3, a waitress and a failure-and truth be told even I think this more of me than I should and that’s why the volumes of papers are on my dresser just looking at me asking – “what am I going to do?”- so like Bob I have decided to take baby steps trusting each time I type and share, seeds of greatness are being planted.

Embracing the key word is share-and that small impact is reaching at least one beyond me.  While often I may feel I don’t do enough or feel worthy-Today I am reminded that small me has a voice;  I am powerful and I will create change.

I would like to see the Nobel Peace Prize winners and their accomplishments posted on the walls of every school- to remind our Youth how many people work for change. Seeing the greatness of others repeatedly will help one recognize their greatness within.Image

Revised and “re-written” February 3, 2015

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