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Justice is for Just US

July 14, 2013

Today I have heavy heart because of the verdict.

I didn’t hesitate sharing the views ( Facebook postings) of many because I too feel the anger of revenge, the knowing of letting God handle all things and the Truth in the experience of reaping what you sow (karma).

While I will not claim to have all the answers I offer this, we as a people will not experience Justice until we realize every experience is a lesson to reflect “just us”.

Whether we like it or not there has always been and continue to be a disconnect in “our” people and a culture that allows “that world” to keep “just us” disconnected.

Whether we like it or not we allow so much competition to reign amongst “just us” that “black on black” can kill for centuries and its “almost” acceptable yet no matter when “white” goes to trial for murder they can justify it for them- the same way we justify that murder on that block against “just us.”

“Just us” always accuse “us” of doing something illegal when we are able to provide and live by means that will never be visible to others- and when they charge “just us” with that “hearsay”- we agree anyway because how else could “we” be rich and it not be by illegal means- “just us” “just us’ always have to justify our means or lack thereof.

This justice many of us know does not exist in courtrooms- “just us” knew the trial was for show and the verdict would render what it did- yet in our hearts “just us” so wanted to see different because again in those courtrooms we know if Zimmerman was black and Trayvon was white- even “just us” would ask-  “How can he shoot a kid?”

“Just Us” understands -no justice no peace- and while he smiles from the verdict of not guilty _ I would love to be in his bedroom at night to see how well he sleeps

“Just Us” wants Justice and we have had this desire long before Trayvon Martin-

“Just Us” hopes this is a wake up call to many-hoping our YOUTH get the message- we are asking and seeking greatness from our future generations because- in this world until Justice reigns the odds are stacked high against our youth – and they build more jails for “just us” daily

“Just us” wants you to know that we are a people who have fought for justice since the days of slavery and this case just ignited a flame to increase “the fireworks”- for “Just us” to stand and be greater although the oppression seems to never end.

“Just us” wants us to read beyond the lines of this message and see that I am speaking of unity so broad that color will only exist to those who continue to make decisions such as this- and I am only speaking of color because color is why this case is what it is

“Just us” wants justice- and i have a Strong passion that’s started with our Youth

“Just us” please reach out to Us beyond school supplies and feeling sorry because a parent is missing and want the best because we are the best. We are Worthy of better-

Justice is for “Just US” and the “Just US” is anyone who believes in Justice

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