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Niki’s Author Bio

July 4, 2013

2Morrow Is Our FUTURE

A True Story

(I have chosen this as the title of my book)

(I have decided that my book will be an Anthology)

Niki Alston’s Author Bio

Niki was born in Washington, DC.  She moved to PG County at the age of 10 which is affectionately referred to by many as SE, MD 🙂  She spent her childhood summers in Vance Co, NC with her great-grandmothers (all 4 of them), grandparents (all 4 of them plus many of their siblings), and cousins from both sides of her family –many who were from up north.  She spent a large majority of her time with Town and Country magazines, music , as well as many other fashion and music magazines; along with clothing catalogs from many “upscale” stores.  The consistent viewing of the images in these magazines and catalogs helped develop a love and passion for art, music, and fashion.

After attending 5 colleges, she earned her Bachelor’s in Liberal Studies from Southeastern University (SEU) in Washington, DC. After 15 years of pursing her degree she completed her studies in 2009 as a student of SEU’s last graduating class before the university’s closing.

As a mother of 3, two daughters and a son, she expresses a special gratitude towards her life experiences, especially her up-bringing- and many of her cousins for helping her to find her voice and courage to write.

Her life’s mission is to “Be the change You want to see in the world”- Gandhi

Each day she lives taking steps towards completing that goal- with much continued learning, focus, and gratitude-practicing “most” 🙂 of what she “preaches” :)- believing that 2Morrow Is Our FUTURE , her works, the businesses, writings, and novel will fulfill the hope, visions, and goals to uplift, encourage, and provide a legacy for the next generation and the Future endeavors of many.  The more she writes and speaks- Niki will be a vessel of Positive Change in this world.

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