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Not Being

June 27, 2013


Not Being

“My Mind is always going through changes and the pieces of me”

Are walking a line of this World and not being of it

The knowledge and foundation of Love, Respect, Morals, Riches, and Wealth

Are teaching combinations of a past I didn’t live

A present not as Live

With visions of a Future hoping it will accept the “old-new, new- old” it wants to give

Having to grasp that all lessons past will not travel to new

Needing to grasp everything new has a past

So future endeavors are the past do’s and dues past

Words flow freely from thoughts of wisdom greater than I

Things I see now I wonder how or if they show

The line-view to act and understand what’s going on close around plus beyond

Often speaking and praying that in 3years to “fully” comprehend

Being an advice/voice and consideration of an Infinite One

Not-being- is a stillness unexplainable

Confirming and affirming things only a deep finds attainable

Ideas high like an Eagle soars

The changes and pieces of me

Not-being provides a clever simplicity

Producing Good, “Balance”, and Humility

Revised February 3, 2015


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