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June 27, 2013

written 6/26/2013

completed 11:30 PM

No longer allow your flaws to out speak your good-

Everyday share at least 5 good things you accomplished

We are overlooking sharing, and showing our best

We were taught to believe if I am this or if I do that “how could I be “good”-  which gives the tendency to downplay the good we share and give to others daily-

There is a way to share our goodness without breaking the law of bragging -each person has a story to be told-share your goodness.

EVERYDAY I hear, watch, and experience how Flaws diminish any piece of GOOD a person can hold-There are too many dead souls of Good Living resurfacing this Earth- for every Soul to be Evil

“Let he who is without sin cast the 1st stone”-  John 8:7

There are many mouths that need fixin so I started with mine years ago- constantly working on it daily- but I added how I point fingers as well

You may not use Nigga towards “Black” now ask yourself how many times has “Black” called you Lazy, Slow, Stupid, Dumb, Sneaky, Crack-Head, Freak, Bitch, Ho, Slut, Gay, Untrustworthy anything and everything used to JUDGE or CRITICIZE another

Flaws, we speak them over many most days

Sometime, somewhere, someday”WE” all may have FLAWS/FLAWED

Sins are all sins in God’s eye- only man excuses and charges crimes, and labels in degrees, they call them laws and news- I cal it nit picking shit and avoiding the issues


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