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A Healing Thought for “Black”

June 26, 2013

written June 25, 2013  12:16 AM

I repeat my goal for race is Citizen/ Non-Citizen

As I listened to Tavis’s 6/21 special and read a FB post- at the same time- the words are playing in audio as I read …”Content of Character” – Dr. King

OWN’s Dark girls special – one woman mentions “that she will be glad when color doesn’t exist”

On the Masterclass series actress P. Rashaad asks …” when will we get past this”

We are living proof of how we as “Blacks” have a century of glorifying pain

The 1st step to this healing is occurring- however it needs to hit mainstream like “Breaking News”- the same way we news feed shootings, trials, bombings, and any other “national” tragedy

We need CNN, one week, two week follow up news coverage on Healing “Black”. “poor”. “poverty”

To get past color , have a “fair” America and transcend past the ignorance that’s stuck

We as a people have to

1. Stop cursing “pregnancies” mainly those of teenage girls.  The continue cursing of Lives before they began are birthing curses before blessings

-Whether we like it or not teenage pregnancies are often signs to the lack of feeling and knowing you are Loved.  Most feel they are not getting this Love at home and many times its tue. – More love in the world starts with more Love in the Homes

2. Stop saying we are not Racist_ “What would you do ” TV show proves this every Friday- it’s here- and it exist-

-Admittance and awareness is the start to the cure of all problems and issues

3.  Media is used to convince people of everything else- Put forth the people, the topic, and the answers of healing, Unity, Love, and Honesty.

4.  Stop being cheap with honesty, wages  and all the things that really matter like how the production of most foods are the leading cause to cancer

5. People please stop being brainwashed by the Haves and the Have- nots

Honestly, humbly, and purely share what you have and the have-nots will decrease

6. Stop comparing, less complaining, seek GOD, mentors and therapists when in pain

7. “With all thy knowledge get understanding”

8. Always go to the source, stop with the 2nd and 3rd party BS- find a means to get it from the source

9.  When we truly grasp we are where we are because this is how “we want it to be”

10.  We all have a voice, we all have power, there are strength in numbers, and there is so much power in a pen, we are a democracy- we have the RIGHT to override- stop allowing them to pick the bigger picture apart

11.  The true choice is either- we are with God, good, healing or not

12.  Love, Peace, Soul, and Happiness

We don’t all have to get along to agree that 1+1=2 and it is time for us all to live up to our fullest potential, get some serious things on our minds, and give voices to our heart.

2Morrow Is Our FUTURE sleeps much because she’s tired and hurt but her voice is not dead and it will never die!!!

Many may ask well what do I do other than write- according to the people I speak to when I do speak many say I give hope and I know for a fact many take pieces with them and share it with others- Its just a matter of time for me to reach more and share further!!!!


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