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March 6, 2013 8:24 PM

March 7, 2013

I read a few quotes today yet one that hit home most today was

“Don’ t judge someone just because they sin differently than you” and

As usual I write reflecting upon my day and a portion of one conversation today referenced things about people finding out if you this or if you that, and poor children this or that

And once again I wonder how people take things in, aiming to read others, and if they ever really examined themselves under that same magnifying glass or microscope

I live to be as Good to others as I possibly can daily- in “most” things  I do; and I am blessed to hear it shows more than I aim to show it

I do my best to give credit where credit is due. I am so full of thoughts, ideas, and memories that I forget more than I would like to many times, and laugh even harder at how and when the thoughts reappear.

Now that the day is over and I am winding down, again this thought came to mind

While America has many issues, when will we as people truly collectively come together to solve the major problems and stop being so easily occupied by the minor issues.

The answer to all our problems are in front of us and in us, the question is are we willing to put all our images aside to hear Truth, can we put an idea to use and watch it work without being 1st to respond how it couldn’t work without giving it a try to see if it WILL

Will we wake up each day knowing that we have so much to give back to our youth because of the many that fought for us- can we wake up each morning seeking to help as many as possible daily;  can we realize that we are so able to be Everything we truly are and can actually “BE GOOD” at whatever position we play?- can we realize that this picture they painted for us can be made better when we add or take away some features?-can we realize that sometimes somewhere in life while we have complete authority over who we will become in Life, some things are so not under our control-especially birth and conception-

I mentioned it once and I will say it again EVERYTHING about BLACK is not bad, yet we are some bad mother “Shut your mouth”( said it because of history big play on much here don’t just read surface)- there are two sides to Everything and this one sided picture that we all seem to view – is so part of the problem and bigger than the issues.

People please please and please learn God, learn good and then live to be the best of the Spirit He fills us to be.

Trust God’s Truth is bigger than anyone of us can Preach yet we can truly grow closer to Him, His Word, His Will, and His Ways in every moment- We will see the picture with clear eyes no glasses or microscope needed- Truth is always plain and clear even the blind are made able to see.

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