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Until Blue Returns

February 15, 2013

Happy Good Friday!!! This is how the 5 words began

Written 12/4/2012 11:05 AM 1st Dec Writers Group

Yesterday I had the honor of hanging my Granddad’s Deacon plaque on the wall for him
He’ s been goin through much since Grandma’s passing May 2012
He has his moments of happiness yet he misses her Greatly-63 years of marriage- Wow

So this morning it was Good to see a smile on his face and it was nice to hear him laugh .

My Granddad has had several Trucks in his time, but I can remember a blue Truck in the past when I was younger like 6 or 7 and the Blue Tuck he has now, which has been in the family for over 25 years.

My Granddad, Uncle, and I were sharing our memories and “to do list”, while giving me a ride to work. My Uncle and I were discussing the cars and the car trouble we were having, giving our plans and solutions.  My Granddad responds ” Sounds like y’all just need some new cars and that will Solve All That right there” and more laughter from grandad followed that was good to hear from him.

As the ride continues on the exact route my granddad would take from the house to the farm, I begin to remember how we would leave the fields from farming “bacca” and Granddad would stop pass his parents house everyday before returning home. Great Granddad Dock would be spitting snuff off the porch; they would say 5 words to each other maybe and that would be it_  ended by “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Granddad Dock would say “Tom don’t forget my bacca”, then Great Grandma Mable would peek out the window and say “bring me my kind too Tom.”

She would spit and wave Goodbye

The next morning  I would wake up and say Granddad drop me off at Grandma Mable house “I don’t want to go in the fields” (which was something I would say  everyday all summer, meaning I rarely had moments in the fields).

Blue would drop me off, Granddad handing me the bag as I jump down, and run in the house. The days usually would be spent with Grandma Mable and I eating breakfast,  watching  “The Price is Right” and sleep somewhere in between until Blue Returns.

Revised July 29, 2017

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