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My 1st week of February thus far ( Sat-Wed)

February 6, 2013

“Conduct is the best proof of character”-Our Daily Bread February 6th By Our Deeds

I allow each day and the moments I encounter help shape the lessons and “structure” I want to incorporate into my future.

Saturday I attended a Women’s Conference titled” The Daughters of Destiny’ who’s theme was “more than meets the eye” . And as women shared their testimonies and the Guest Speaker Melissa Wade spoke and she mentioned the Jabez prayer and believing for more than what we see, and knowing that we as women are more than what people see; I can admit to crying in church more than I had before and actually staying at church longer than I ever had before :).

There was much said at the conference that I had spoken about  before this service, and there was much more said during this service that I had experienced, and thought before.

And as I go through things day after day I ask God often to keep me aware of what he wants me to know because all news reported aint news to me.

So Sunday while at work a co-worker and I begin to talk and many of the things she mentioned to me where many of the things talked about at the conference the day before;  and I was so happy about the conference and what I heard, I shared much of the conference with her-knowing that at the end of the day_ I started something in her that the conference did for me- take away the guilt.  Our conversation ended with this statement “People need to be more of God and less of religion”

Tuesday I had a person tell me in so many words that I could not be of God,  because if I was I wouldn’t talk the way I do; so I decided to ask them , how do you know what makes me of GOD?  Other than many religious teachings he really couldn’t answer.

Today as I begin to write  this blog,  I read a post titled “The Religious GOD” by  somkritya (

I know that there is a reason greater than I- that this has been the topic of conversation for me much of this week;  simply because I know I am refraining  from writing (mainly editing the book written or should I say release the book written to be edited);  sharing the many things that are on my mind and heart simply because of how I speak- what’s ungodly words for most religious people is everyday conversation for me, especially when I allow my words to just flow and once in go/glow;  no I don’t refrain from using these words where ever I am; therefore  I usually don’t stay many places long.

See one common thread mentioned in the testimonies, Sunday’s conversation, the blog referenced, and the video being shared many of us get judged by religious views- very few are advised by Godly character

I know I may not fit the godly image of the church people,  however I do know this, I have done many good works with more to come and although my words may not fit your preference of conversation- I know that the majority of my conversations will aim to build and not tear people down. And in-spite of much this has been a characteristic of me the majority of my Life.

So as I continue to take “a little time to enjoy the view” I encourage many of us to help change this present that we see filled with many things that are not of God; by becoming more of God ourselves each day. I want people to know that you are Blessed, we are worthy and God forgives you if want to be forgiven.

Love, Peace, Soul and Happiness; to all enjoy your February, and learn the true language of Love- God and His son Jesus Christ


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  1. “People need to more of God and less of religion”..This is what is the core of every religious texts, you dont need to read books to be near god just live and let live and you will feel him around..
    reading your post was such a delight..loved it
    hugs 🙂

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