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Trapped in a Time

January 24, 2013

Things jump around so much its hard to believe that in each individual everything is connected.

Dear America this is a small part of my letter to “be the change I want to see” I will include each video I have posted in the past few days with this post and I will begin to share ideas

Please know that I am aware that the things I am saying are not so new that they are like OMG!!!
I am sharing these things as in saying its me sharing and although some ideas are probably being discussed elsewhere, I just want to voice my opinion as well.
One of my wants is to start a Country cleanup to an extent that will create higher paying jobs, reduce homelessness, and restore inheritance.

Any place that has old and abandoned factories still standing allow these facilities to be the start.

Another topic that highly needs to be addressed because we do have Martin, Davis, Central Park 5, and the case in Florida that’s not coming to mind by name right now. Even the NFL did a speech about him during the halftime game

So for those of us that don’t know we need to know that

All things “blacks” thought “we were’ exempt from is sitting on our couch.  All things “whites’ thought they were exempt from is knocking at theirs doors

People Please Pay attention to EVERYTHING that has happened in your own personal life for 2012; including the election and that entire process and lets decide to Bury Most of this in 2012; so the next 4 years will show why we ALL need to work together to save “home”.  And just like any other War America has fought we all need to be in it

EVERYTHING we see serves a Bigger Picture

If you could design your ideal “home” what would it be like?

Revised February 3, 2015

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