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The Depth of the Matter

January 24, 2013

During this past Spring, I had my work critiqued and the advice given to me was “my message was strong and powerful but I might want to watch how “preachy” I come across, most people do not like to be preached to.”

And I completely understood what he was saying.  As a youth this was a big turn off to me; and as irony would have it-it’s more amazing how you become what you “hate”.  But as I begin to connect with more of my family this past summer, I realize that the common traits for many of us are musicians, teachers, and clergy(in case you may not know what I mean by clergy or the extent I have them all Pastors, Preachers, Ministers, Reverends, Apostles, Bishops, etc.)-“and thus” this preaching I despised is often delivered in my writings and is more in me than I would “want” to imagine.

So when I often have the thoughts, I have about the things I see at stores, on the news, in my family, and with my children- I often refrain from speaking and sharing many of my thoughts out of the fear of being to “preachy”.

However as I tuned into many emails this past Monday I had to realize and “take heed” to the fact that Dr. King was a Reverend who used his position to speak great truths that still stand today; and in the depth of matter the only ones whose despise preachings are the ones who don’t want to Take Heed to what’s being said. Many may feel that I am not qualified to be telling them anything. And the only ones who despised King’s messages were the ones who didn’t want to live what he was preaching or didn’t feel the “darky” had the smarts to speak such intelligence; as a youth I  “hated” the preaching I was receiving because I had issues with the messenger and I didn’t want to hear it, listen or do it 🙂

The poem critiqued may have came off preachy to the reader because I honestly told my brother- if I was to Truthfully speak everything I really see, and how I think it should be changed- I don’t think there would be a person in America happy with me- especially “Black” people and churches-which I have expressed some of these views in previous writings.

The depth of the matter is as much as I would like to make everyone happy at the end of the day that mission is impossible.  And there will be some who will receive what I say and many who will not. The depth of the matter is as I watch and read much about how the world desires Love, Peace and Happiness and how many of us search high and low, questioning, aiming to achieve something which all can solely be accomplished in Truth. Truth with self, life and acceptance.

The depth of the matter is God’s plan for my life is just beginning to reveal and as much as I don’t see or consider myself as a preacher if I truly was to take heed to myself, my advice, and the words spoken over me, through me, to me and by me 🙂 I just might could be more of a preacher than most preachers out here.  The depth of the matter is deep in my heart I have desired, decided, and aimed to making Life Great for as many as possible; my writings, videos, and teachings;- preachy” or not I will continue  to share my vision thus sharing the Love, Peace and Happiness that I have found and truly have the Blessing of Living “almost” daily.

Revised on February 3, 2015

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