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Baby Mothers

July 25, 2012

“It’s too many black women that can say they mothers, but can’t say they are wives”- Common

Many who “know” me know that I am not a “major” fan of the whole reality show movement yet i have to admit that the last 4 shows of Love and Hip Hop previous season with Jim Jones and crew and this seasons Love and Hip Hop Atlanta has won and made a “watcher out of me”.

So to those who are familiar with this season’s cast you will know who Mimi and Erica are and like me you are witnessing the issues they are facing with their “Baby’s Father”.  As I watch I notice a general common factor with the baby mother-baby father relationships;  and of course it triggered memories of my experience 15 years ago and then I would go be the bold “soldier” to repeat the plight with baby father #2 5 years later.

I notice how we as women are giving our hearts to a man that tells us how much He Loves us and how much Love he got for us, yet they would rather hurt us by being dishonest than to face the consequences of being completely honest.

Please men do not comment on this post about what women have done to you remember this post was inspired by a show where the men are “playing a game” that’s so not cool.

And by no means I am saying that my situation is exactly like theirs, yet what I am seeing is we as females are hurt by their actions and in the lies that are being spun around, we women create in our heads that this man who we have a child/ren with is now mines “forever” thus we will be a family.

And in the man’s eyesight he say’s me having a baby with you does show I love you and yes even I realize that I now have you “forever”, yet I can’t commit to you right now because there are still other women I need to Fuck.

It’s amazing how they will say it’s over,  only to get with the next female,  and still operate in a manner to have control over “baby mother”.  We are in their heads a part-time wife and permanent pussy on hold.

I am not in no ways indicating that “Every” man who has a “baby mother” is playing this game.  And depending on how many years the relationship has been in play, the age of the child, and the number of children involved most baby mothers will have to admit “BOTH PARTIES” have played their part.

Yet at the end of the day until that man makes a true honest commitment in heart, mind, and ACTION We ARE “JUST BABY MOTHER’S” not Wives.

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