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Free Write 7/18/2012

July 22, 2012

Free Write 7/18/2012

I’ve been attending the Franklin County Art’s Council Writers group for almost a year now.

For the first ten to fifteen minutes of each session we do an exercise called “Free Write” where a group member brings in a prompt which can be any object of the writers choice.

Wednesday’s prompt was a mirror and here’s what my free write came up with:

“Mirror Mirror on the Wall”

“Who’s the fairest one of them all”

We ALL are

I read a quote yesterday that stated:

“There are two statements about human beings that are true: that all human beings are alike, and that all are different.  On those two facts all human wisdom is founded.”-Mark Van Doren, American Poet (1894-1972)

Also yesterday as I watching a sermon by Minister Jessie Duplantis titled “Cooked on One Side Raw on The Other”;  in part of this sermon he stated

“that we could end racism in one generation if ALL people didn’ t tell their children they were a color” He expressed be proud and teach them culture just don’t tell them they are balck, white, etc.

What if we did just that, teach them their name and culture thus creating the “FAIRNESS” of Us ALL

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