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Me and My Girlfriend

July 16, 2012

Me and my Girlfriend

written October 28, 2011

by Niki Alston

edited, typed and shared November 28, 2011

In my heart at times
There is no beauty
That compares to yours

Your house has wondrous sky lighting
Your floors are engraved and shine
Mirroring what’s above

Its’ structure has rows of endless beauty
Walls filled with images of colors, and shapely glass figures
Most Humans envy you and all your possessions

I marvel your build with endless wonder
Happiness and Frustration –twin emotions
Wishing I could take every bit of you home with me Whenever we depart

So I dream of you often, wishing to wake up in your presence
Wanting you near, looking forward to the day I visit
Hating to use the word hate
But I Hate how much I miss you and Love You so

I think of you almost daily
The drive to you is not extremely far but you are not as close as we were in our past
Not being able to visit for just an hour
Adding insult to injury remembering our past
I would see you daily. Sometimes I was forced to spend hours with you, other times I was free to leave and found myself staying with you anyway
I would carry pieces of you with me home, get dress, and dance the night away.

Surrounded by your beauty, colors, and fragrances
Happiness and Frustration are twin emotions
Whether I am waking up from a dream or accepting my Truth
You were my friend

And I can’t believe I have this much passion for you -Dear MALL
Here’s to you Pentagon City until we meet again
I have so many great memories with you and I Trust to see you soon
Praying I grace King of Prussia just as soon

Revisited February 2, 2015- This was an assignment given in a workshop were we were to talk about a subject that would not be revealed until the end-

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