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Bend, Rub, Caress

July 16, 2012

written October 19, 2011

by Niki Alston

typed and shared November 28, 2011


Bend, Rub, Caress, Drag, Bounce, Nudge, Snap

These are the gestures I am looking for.


At start I draw a Blank

Only Happy to know I made it here


Given this ability to share

Drag and Snap

Is the point I often feel I am at

Dragged by words of curses

Ready to snap because for once can you express your concern with blessings not curses


Bend is what I have done most of my Life

If you say you didn’t like it; I changed it aiming to please


Nudge is what I appreciate

Often comes from the Universe

It’s a push in words in the words I read and the people I meet that remind me I can move on


Rub and Caress are the Joys I feel when I am outside talking with God and Self

Clearing my head, whispering my prayers and a cool breeze blows through the trees

Speaking confirmation soothing my Soul

Singing “It will Be Alright”


Like this Awkward Beautiful Purple Flower

Rooted in dirt planted in a strange looking pot

This contained space to be placed

In a certain desired spot


Regardless of your expectations


I sprout how I desire, best nourished with Love, Light and Water

Dirt is needed to plant my roots and establish a foundation

Whether you curse my growth or Bless my Beauty

You can never determine my growth

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