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July 15, 2012


Not that I am completely numb to falling in Love again

Yet to think about the possibility of falling in Love and being in Love

Seeing the “concept” of today’s relationships

I find myself asking people in depth questions about their relationships now more than I have before

And as much as I thought I knew love, relationships, and the “basic rules”

It’s hard to accept the fact that so many do not know Love, without thinking the problem is all me

What’s normal hospitality to me

Some view it is a trap, yes it is said that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach however me offering you something to eat is to make sure you are alright its not about keeping you

When Honestly expressing my feelings to some

Your experience tells you it’s a lie and I want more than what I said

No I want what I expressed to you and I don’t volunteer lies to please anyone

In my world I grew up saying “It’s not a game”

But in today’s society it appears that EVERYTHING is a game and this is the only means of functioning

I Love because I was taught to Love

And no matter what I am doing

My instructions were to treat others as if they were myself

There are numerous days when I am not as good to me as I should be

And there are some who neglect themselves so drastically I pass on your treatment

Truth is I wouldn’t lie to you because I don’t lie to me

Trust is even when I doubt myself more than I should my goodness to you is how Good I live my life Overall

Praying and Moving to make it better for everyone I meet every chance I take

Relationships are not to be taken for granted, no matter the purpose of the encounter

They all serve the world better when utilized as an exchange, learning tool, and/or an example.

No matter how big or small the encounter
Is on the line
What is your Truth?
Who do you Trust?
How do you Trust?
Do you see every encounter as a form of Relationship to display Truth and Trust?

Truth is no matter how fake I seem you will find few “realer”

Trust that no matter how “stuck” I appear I am so at the “Top”

My Relationships are I love You because I am Love and if you cross me Trust goes out the door, and if I Loved you that will remain as a relationship from a far

Will I be mean and angry towards you after the encounter?

Most likely no but Truthfully its depending on what was done, and how bad I am hurt

I will never go as far as to sabotage, stalk, or destroy what you have

My Love and Truth doesn’t allow me to do that

Although some days I Truthfully understand why people result “to going postal”

Truth-Trust- Relationship
At the end of them do you separate in Anger, Love, Peace, or Bitterness?
What’s your story?
What’s the common factor in your relationships?
Do you know how to apologize?
Can you say I need to retract that statement?
Do you realize times when you need to clarify what you mean?
Are we honest about what we want or expect from relationships without feeling guilty about being honest?

Truth is as advanced as we are in society, what’s basic for some is unheard of to others.

Trust that no matter how things look on the outside the things not seen will create the greatest impact in our lives.

Relationships are so connected and no matter how big or small what you acquire (learn, gain, “lack”, experience, or Love) will determine how you “treat” the ones you encounter in the future.

So please Truthfully Trust Yourself and always be as honest as possible in your Relationships
Revised February 2, 2015, Revised July 21, 2017

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