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Positive, Strength, and Proud

April 30, 2012

Positive, Strength, and Pride

So far so good and I am on track with slowing down, taking my time, and listening to that still small voice within that’s getting so frustrated with me the voice is yellin

So I type and share to get the scream out of my head and with each release it works and my communication with everyone closest around me has improved drastically.

Last night at 11:40 PM I began my nightly reading from three sources, Black Pearls for Parents by Eric Copage, Our Daily Bread  by RBC Ministries April 25, 2012, and The Holy Bible Psalms 25.

Black Pearls passage for April 25th was titled “Positive Influences”

And the quote given by – Toni Cade Bambara ( google her) stated,

” I’ll be damned if I want most folks out there to do unto me what they do unto themselves. There are a whole lot of unevolved, self-destructive wretches out there walking around on the loss”

Then the lesson that follows by Eric Copage states:

“Yes, and some are friends and family.  They may want to discourage us because they have talked themselves out of their dreams.”….. “If there are some people we absolutely can not cut of our lives then we have to be strong.  We must let them know that their negativity brings us down and that we cannot tolerate their foul moods. It could happen that our good habits and positive energy will make coverts out of them, but it is really not our job to save them.”

Our Daily Bread for April 25 was titled “Everything Is Beautiful”

and the poem says

” Sin ravages a fruitful Life, When it is not addressed; But GOD Restores and makes us right; Once sin has been confessed”

the ending quote

“God doesn’t remove all of our imperfections, but He makes us beautiful by shining through them.”

And Psalms 25 I will just let God Himself minister that one to you.

Tuesday I shared an email and a post about writing a sin list and how the pastor mention you will have to do this often to give God a clean vessel to work through.

I titled this piece Positive, Strength and Pride because as I began to write somewhat of a public sin list yesterday, and vow to share this week all the things I would see;  I had no idea what I would share- Sunday morning an idea Blessed to me said this week I want you to share everything you experience each day.

The Positive for me is 5 years ago I “basically” separated from much of EVERYTHING I had ever known in my 31 years of living; 2 years ago I began the process of separating myself from “MOST” of society; Feb of this year I separated myself from the “live in perspective of parenting” meaning I moved out of the house with them into the house next door:)  Since leaving here(next door)  I have somewhat separated from “most” technology so please know the texting stopped because of no cell not me forgetting you!!!!

I am on the computer more this week than I have been in the last two months total, and through all this separation, I am now constantly attracting EVERYTHING I am.  This month I was told that I was a Blessing more than I have heard in my 36 years of living.  Two times I was given the compliment of “being a breath of fresh air” as we exchanged ideologies about society and how we can “fix it”.

I am attracting my Positive not only because I know deep down that I have always been a good person overall yet this time I believe that I am a good person overall who is touching hands daily with where I learned my demonstration of strength. In this moment in Life I have enough Pride to realize that my imperfections are human and me “playing small does not do any one any good”

Positive, Strength and Pride is showing that all the things the world told me was important does not compare to things that are not seen.  Positive, Strength and Pride are the things I am closest to daily; so how can I not become a product of “my environment”.  Positive, Strength and Pride are three characteristics that stand with every Mentor I have acquired in the last few years. I know I must Love me and The God that created me to be me.  Positive, Strength and Pride comes when I show others me and finally Trust that what I have is a gift that others will be glad to receive; Positive, Strength and Pride is saying Yes I can, Yes I will and Did!!!!!!!!:)

Happy Thursday FB Fam and Friends Lets Make it a Great One and Get It in!!!!!

PS I forgot to mention the Biblical Lesson for Our Daily Bread on April 25 was from Joel 2:18-27 I will let God minister that one to you as well!!
Revised February 2, 2015

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