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April 24, 2012


Ok so today’s thought is about how I live my “Life” through laughter and the amount of Joy I am feeling as I was watch certain manifestations take place.  Throughout high school I was often told that I should be a comedian, and its amazing how I can remember the advice that was given to me back then, now wishing I taken heed back then .  In some of my previous writings and conversations, I’ve mentioned how we had cable since the 80’s; and along with the ability to experience life through music,  I also had the privilege of learning life through comics.  And right now as I experience much pain watching many stages of living takes its course,  I am getting mad at myself for being able to laugh.

Sometimes I feel like I cried so much early in Life I have no tears left and at other times I find the smallest pettiest thing can bring tears to my eyes.  I am watching death unfold, lives being ruined, and chaos taking over many minds, and still I laugh daily -often.

So much is going on and I strongly believe that at times we as a society and especially culture joke and laugh about the “wrong issues” yet I am laughing when I should be crying, so I can’t judge anyone on their jokes about the “wrong issues” when I know right about now many around me are feeling much pain.

I am so in Love with the things that are unfolding and its becoming almost “deadly” for me to keep “trying” to contain this overwhelming amount of Joy, which gives me assurance within every fiber that for once I am living MY LIFE “right” and I am truly doing almost EVERYTHING that I am supposed to be doing to the VERY BEST of my ability!!!!! Where I am now is in the fullness of GOD and He is too Powerful to be contained. The Joy of the Lord is my strength, and the Joy of the Lord is overflowing in my Spirit.

For so long I have been walking around with my head down and a frown, so I wasn’t able to see this beautiful gift God created as Me and the wonderful talents he has blessed me with to share.  I am feeling so good about myself, my cousin Scott can testify that I had one of those I think I am a baller moments like the lady in the phone commercial. I spend the days watching my grandma’s days “wine” down seeing the strong woman that raised me and I can’t help but feel JOY.

Yesterday I danced, today I am Joy. Only God knows what tomorrow will bring.
Revised February 2, 2015

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