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Are You Wearing Your Hood!!

March 26, 2012

I have refrained from speaking on this topic because I am VERY ANGRY at EVERYBODY including self for not doing something to help this continuing problem to STOP.

Since the GROWING ” airing rage” increases behind the senseless murder, actions, result, motives and outcome of the Trayvon Martin’s case;  I am so devastated by our FEAR of confronting our government, its officials, and “enforcers” on the senseless crimes they commit against “US” daily.

Who is this Us I am speaking of?  Trayvon Martin, Troy Davis, Dr. King, Medgar Evers, Malcolm X, Huey P. Newton, and the list goes on.

We have to approach these issues RADICALLY with a RADICAL CHANGE in MINDSET!!!!!! We are handling each situation the same and although we are making steps forward we are not stopping the INJUSTICE that has been in place since slavery!!!!

RACISM, GENOCIDE, ASSASINATIONS, HOMOCIDES, you name it its ALL the horse of the same color; You have to be like me for me to understand you, love You, or  even talk to you without judgement.  And we are not changing our tactics to STOP this cycle from happening and I for one am “TIRED and DRAINED” from hearing about it even when I choose to disconnect myself from the world Injustice evades even in silence because it’s just not “RIGHT” no matter how “you” explain it or attempt to justify the “non-action” thus far.

The BULLSHIT is FOUL and its time we call it RADICALLY or we will be “marching back to Zion” quicker than we realize with very few impacts because we are scared to move.

If I am repeating myself please forgive however its important to see FEAR is whats keeping Justice from being able to stand.

My PEACE and BLESSINGS goes to the Martin Family for having to endure this publically;  to all the parents who have kids and your worrying has increased since this case has occured; to the Future who has to carry the torch to make sure Justice gets to stand; to all the misunderstandings generated in society since the beginning of time; I express LOVE, LIGHT, PEACE and JUSTICE to the World.

This morning before my daughter left for school she asked  me was I wearing my hood for Trayvon today it’ s North Carolina’s turn. People make sure you know what turn your state has taken, is taking, or will be taking to wear your hood.   Let Trayvon know we are with Him and his family thus letting the world know “WE”  are with Justice.

Revised and ‘re=written” February 2, 2015


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  1. Donna permalink

    Well said and written.

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