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What I Learned from Whitney Houston (and Michael Jackson)

March 12, 2012

As I spend another day reflecting upon life and lessons learned, I am wondering what is it that I need to say or what is it that I am not saying that has me reflecting as often as I do.  I am learning family, genealogy, NC history, me and much more, and with all these lessons and reflections I see so much GOOD in this world that has not been taught and is not being embraced, and my mind visions better and see this better as a reality if WE all let go of certain things.

I see the people of this world wrestling with so much in Life it’s hard to realize the battle is not ours and if we let go of this wrestling match and allow things to flow we will see that it was never a match to begin with.

I am watching the repeat of the Whitney Houston special with Oprah and as Oprah questions her about Michael Jackson, hearing Mrs. Houston’s answer, knowing she basically dies from the same conditions; my thoughts are how wonderful it was for her and Mr. Jackson to put their lives out there for our entertainment and lessons. And I so wish they departed this Earth under better “circumstances” ,the impact they made on this world were far better than their circumstances.

The questions that arises for me was how many of Us have a voice and dream that’s not being said or heard because we suffer from these same or similar circumstances? How many of Us have, had or will have voices, visions, dreams, and purposes just as big if not greater than theirs and will not say a word because we saw what the world did to them? And isn’t amazing how the world tore them apart while they were living only for their death to show how much they were Loved?

I know some of these same flaws they possessed have a tendency to keep me from speaking, sharing and writing at the multitudes I can and should. I know the messages I carry are far greater than most will see through me; and as these messages grow stronger I search for opportunities to be quiet and separate myself from “most” of the world but I know Its not going to allow me to stay quiet for too much longer.

“”The test of the morality of a society is what it does for its children”-Dietrich Bonhoeffer, German theologian (1906-1945)

I would like to ask society what grade are we aiming to make on our test of morality?  Can we as America hear the message, the voices, and the Good? Or will expressing the flaws in others play louder?  Will we turn the volume down on mistakes and turn the volume up on our True Good?  Will We continue to ask what’s wrong with our Youth without looking at the “You”?

Examine the laws, hypocrisy, media, the quirks and joys, and ask who has the deadliest addiction?

All people will die physically, Legacy lives Globally.

This legacy of Good, Talent, Unique-ness, and Fame will Live.

Thank You Whitney and Michael for sharing your voice, vision, beliefs, and passion even as the World shunned you and basically “ripped” you apart.  I am grateful to you both and so many like you for sharing your gifts and talents with the World. Living your life in a spotlight even when you were not on a stage.

Revised and “re- written” February 2, 2015

  1. I for one Niki have had my seed watered by your post. Beautiful and encouraging sentiment. Here in the UK we have a problem with fame and success. Our heritage is one of modesty. When we observe someone living their dream and becoming successful we have a tendency to want to bring them down a peg or two for showing off! I say, celebrate those living their dream. Be inspired by them. Learn from them. Emulate them. It’s only our own fears holding us back. Thanks for the great post. Stu 🙂

  2. Dennis Bellamy permalink

    Nik, thank you for sharing your writing. I love the quote I will die physically but not globally. The good will outlive is even when we depart from this earth. Mike and Whitney served their purposes and touched many lives here on earth. Sad they had to go out the way they did. We are built to last in this world. We want certain things for ever but the reality is nothing is forever and everything is temporary. You are a true writing and keep serving your purpose and living your dream.

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