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Don’t Look Back revised April 2014

November 2, 2011

Don’t Look Back

“Keep on walking don’t look back”
Are the lyrics in an old song I heard one day

Focus on what’s ahead, forget the past
Words I heard in a message speaking the same thing

Every year they teach history
Omitting some harsh and real facts of land stealing
A corrupt foundation filled with murders, robbers-thieves
Never addressing these issues properly has “kept” society un-peaced

Truth needs to be corrected and confessed on how it began
Without constantly fearing how it will end
No more tampering with the evidence
Out of fear, shame, and vain

The bigger question to be answered is
“Can we live each day with the Grace?”

Grace of not knowing, instead of judging and assuming

“Keep your head to the sky”
lyrics from a song written back then

The foundation for the New was laid in the Past
This is the moment to pick up that torch

So can we stop living in replay?

Please erase lies, and excuses
Speak Words of Wisdom and Light

Let’s rebuild on what’s here, taking in all that is “RIGHT”

A Wondrous New Age Facility,
For this World to see
A soul structure to be displayed throughout History!

Only using lessons learned from Legacies to create Legacy
Focusing ahead; Keep on walking
Don’t Look Back

Niki Alston written and typed 2007; retyped and shared October 2011, revised April 2014

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