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3 Decades revised April 9, 2014

November 2, 2011

3 Decades©
Niki Alston

I looked at my Life in three decades of Learning.

The first decade I was free, the best me I could possibly be. Ages Birth-9.5

The first ten were fine, normal, uncomplicated
I was Loved, I was Free, and I was Me

The second decade was the pre-teen, teenage years, the years of lost identity. Ages9.5- 20
I Lived confused, extremely complicated
I was an Outcast, a misfit, the object of ridicule
The words cut and left deep scars

From age 10 to 25, I lived a lie. Fifteen years of covered hurt and pain masked with a fuck you attitude.

The third ten was split in halves, the first half of decade 3 Ages 19-23.5 was a mix of decades one and two a freedom haunted by that past;
The second half however 23.5-30 was a start of something new
Midway of decade three a healing process began.
Seasoned with its joy and pain
Sprinkled with Awareness based in Self-worth
Confidence is marinating inside -out

I am Love again
I am Free again
I am Me again

In the final year of decade three a person of worldly thinking emerged and desires surfaced.

The start of decade 4 has its senses of uncertainty – Ages 30-40
I am Love
I am Free
I am Me
Surely certain that these three Mind-settings will never leave

retyped October 23, 2011 year 5 of decade 4; good to see I am still in line with the decades; I often get so caught in what I didn’t do; I forget to share all the things I have written, said, and “DO”
revised April 9, 2014 age 38 of 40 and we are still “somewhat” on task

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