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The Global Week of Peace

November 1, 2011

Dear People of Earth,

Several years ago I felt inspired to create this seven day event and as a result of both Oprah’s Life Classes and my own spiritual journey which has taken a MAJOR shift since June of 2011, I am writing this to you because I once again felt inspired to do so and this time I refused to let my fears block me… in this way I am being held accountable (smile).

After watching both Oprah’s life classes and the webcasts last few weeks, I was given several confirmations based upon things I have been talking about on my own radio show and I decided that it was time to breathe life back into a project I had created back in 2002 while a grad student in Richmond VA.

I am writing to you because I feel that the time is now for us to unite in a collective consciousness of empowerment, compassion, and love and spread it to the four corners of the globe via this week long celebration and then every day of our lives!
Each day would have various events in communities all over the world that assist people in raising their consciousness.

For example:

The first day would have seminars, workshops, etc where people gather to meditate on peace, talk about peace, what peace means and how we spread peace, and to look at the lives of peace makers through out history to learn from their examples how to not only bring be peace in our own lives but how to BE peace in our lives!

Thank you
PS I welcome feedback . . . (SMILE) I am thinking the beginning of spring as the time for this as Spring represents renewal and growth.

Join together and celebrate THE GLOBAL WEEK OF PEACE

This week long celebration will commemorate the efforts of the peace makers around the world, both past and present, as well as encouraging each of us to take the necessary steps towards peace in our lives, in our communities, in our country, and in our world. This “holiday” of sorts will focus on a set of principles each day of the week allowing each of us to, one person at a time, as Gandhi said, “Be the change we would see in the world.”

All of these acts are the seeds we plant for tomorrow.

Sunday: Day of Remembrance – A day to reflect on the peacemakers of the past and the present as encouragement for each of us to take up the torch and be a beacon of peace. Does anyone really want war, death and destruction? No healthy person wants this and so we take this time to find the place within. Vow to take the responsibility to search for peace inwardly so that you speak peace, live peace, share peace, and are peace!

Monday: Day of Being “For” – One of the most consciousness shifting days in the week, this day is about changing your thoughts from what you are against to what you are for. Do not be against war, rather be for peace. Do not be against abortion, be for life (Not just unborn life but for ALL life). Not against poverty, but for abundance and prosperity. Take this time and stop thinking of the glass as half empty, not even as half full because in reality the glass is FULL! Think of all you have to be thankful for, not what you have to be depressed about. As I said this is the most revolutionary day as it challenges you to change the ways we typically speak and think. If you can begin to take the first steps towards changing your thoughts, “you” can change the world!

Tuesday: Day of Random Acts of Kindness – Do random kind acts for friends, family, and most importantly strangers. Do things without expecting anything in return. If someone does not thank you for your act, bless them anyway and continue to be kind. Open doors, smile, and help carry bags, pay for the toll for the person behind you, and anything you can think of that is kind. Remember the Golden Rule – Do unto others what you would like others to do unto you!

Wednesday: Day of Forgiveness – Let go of the grudges and hostility you are holding towards other people or yourself. Begin to let in the healing rays of forgiveness. Forgiving does not condone a behavior it liberates you from bondage to the past. Forgiving set YOU free!

Thursday: Day of Laughter – Celebrate the healing power of laughter. Tell jokes that are uplifting and positive, rent funny movies, and tell funny stories with friends. Let go, play, and laugh!

Friday: Day of Diversity- A day to celebrate the beauty of diversity regardless of color, class, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, ethnicity, culture, ability, etc. Celebrate and embrace your differences and the differences of your neighbors, whether in the house beside yours or the country across the ocean. Celebrate what we are as humans and embrace all people. United we stand and succeed!

Saturday: Day of Love – Reflect on the true meaning of love, unconditional love and tell those people you love how much they mean to you. Too often we hold our tongues for fear of rejection, embarrassment, and pride. For once, let go and, no matter the response, tell others you love them. Feel really courageous and tell strangers you love them! Expect nothing in return – it is not done so you can hear it in return…. it is done so you can say it and express it to others.

For information, comments, questions…
Contact Rev. Dr. Anderson at

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