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A small insight on how I was raised 

Up at six this AM with these thoughts on my mind 
New Civil Rights Movement 
How was I raised?
Both the Civil Rights and how I was raised has me here
In the voice of Gotti- “My Testimony “​

The little girl I speak of is in the picture below- that was me at age 9 by then everything I speak of has already happened and still she smiles


This piece was inspired by much, everyday living to be exact. In no way am I saying every broke person does not have some type of “habit” that may contribute to their circumstances- this piece is inspired by the one “wrong” move that has many bound to this cycle for far too long. i.e. poor credit, student loans, low paying jobs, inherited, high interest rates, – these obstacles are not excuses and the trap is real – fall into any of these traps and add everyday expenses on top and for some they die this way passing it down to their seeds, many live this way passing it on to their seeds- the distribution of wealth, and pay in this economy is more calculated than many can conceive or want to believe.  





Knocked down


No where in the word broke is there an “l” for lazy because lazy is the last reason many are broke.

Broke pays the highest fees for the smallest amounts

Broke is always given the least

Broke has to beg for scrapes when there is more than enough

Broke is turned down the most for what the rich are given 

Broke is an outcast on every level 

Bound -Rejected -Overlooked- Knocked Down -Empty

Bound to circumstances they felt were their only options

Rejected by almost everyone whose knows they don’t have

Overlooked by so many because money they don’t possess 

Knocked Down often if they aim to rise above the “norm”

Empty because more than enough rarely comes their way 

So the next time B.R.O.K.E. appears ask

What has them Bound?

How have they been rejected, or who has rejected them?

How much are they overlooked?

How many times have they been knocked down?

How long have they been empty?

Poor is a mindset 

Broke can be temporary – stop kicking B.R.O.K.E. because the are Bound -Rejected -Overlooked -Knocked Down -Empty
No one wants to be B.R.O.K.E. but it’s a lifestyle for many including some who have it all. The Rich and empty are the B.R.O.K.E.-est of all.

Sunday, July 31 st 

I was weeding out “Nia’s Garden” today and these lines from a poem I wrote was brought to memory while I was pulling up the weeds. When I wrote this poem I had no clue I would be living in NC and I was actually speaking of a garden metaphorically- I guess God had other plans in mind – Happy Sunday – 41 is approaching and the garden is producing

The poem was titled “Untitled”

The seeds sown

of “wrong” and “right”

have Bloomed

or Dried

in the Sunlight

Flowers of Beauty Emerge
Blossoms of colors

Vivid, Bright, Bold, and Fun

A Picture Perfect Moment
Best Captured with Sun

Every Element
helped the Blooms

to Grow and Glow

Thirty one I was
Forty-one I See

A Garden full of Flowers

Fruits, Vegetables and Trees!!!

Have Hope in Your

Joy in your Pain

Words that Moves Mountains

and Actions of same

Some seeds must die to Spring Forth New Life.
written and typed 2006 shared it with maybe 5 people; retyped and shared October 23, 2011 12:26 AM
let’s see what the garden will grow at age 41:) We must Speak to Spring Forth new Life.

Conformity, Brainwashing and Flat out Bullshit

Conformity is something we all become victim to in one way or another. Most of us live a fairly routine life, and the average usually aspire to live comfortable. The job, the house, and the car. Take care of our kids and family. Live a little, Love a little. Aiming to live life to best of our pay checks, celebrate Christmas, Birthdays, and summer vacations. Other than the people who aspire to be movie stars, musical artists, or professional athletes( meaning a life more in the spotlight versus the life of the “general” working class); most people truly want a job in a particular field and aim to live as well as possible. In the grand scheme of things nobody wants to be poor and struggling, nobody wants to be judged and made to feel guilty for being alive because of the color of their skin, and the majority just want to buy and provide without lasting debt. Conformity tends to lead to complacency and this is why when many are living pretty decent to well off lives, they often have a hard time relating to those who desire change of any form.

Brainwashing is conformity mixed with lies as truths. In brainwashing not only is an individual comfortable, and complacent they actually believe that injustice, and things such as racism and sexism either don’t exist or are not what they appear to be.  Brainwashing is a mind completely sold on its belief and have no intentions of believing different from what they know. In Brainwashing no information of Truth is required at all, whatever the masses and media say, must be the truth. That’s all that’s it.  Because conformity and brainwashing are intertwined this too is something we all become victim to in one way or another, and it’s this brainwashing, methodologies, ideologies and lack of understanding that has humanity in the divide we have lived in for so long, that constantly festers throughout history.

The flat out bullshit is what is taking over the airwaves now and what has gotten us back to this point, between last night’s speech, this upcoming presidential election, and the continuous explanation for the purpose of the Black Live Matters Movement which was throughly explained in numerous examples, articles, media coverage, and forums when the group was initially created and began to gain recognition.  The flat out bullshit is the fact that again for the number of churches that exist in the USA period regardless of domination there is no way we stand for God and this shit hasn’t stopped.  It doesn’t matter if we are in conformity or brainwashing, to attend church on a regular and to have not yet taken a unified stand against what’s going on now, shows conformity to attending church on Sunday’s because that’s what the “good folks” do.  The flat out bullshit is when things are clearly laid out and for whatever reason that truth generates questions but to “Make America Great Again” is all that’s needs to be said.  The flat out bullshit is why people are shooting cops to ensure the divide never ends.  The flat out bullshit is we keep acting as if the meaning and quality of these words Peace, Equality, Justice, Compassion, and Love haven’t been defined, discussed, and demonstrated enough for us to raise our thoughts and minds above the conformity and brainwashing to live Truth, come together in masses as one at one time, and stand as more than the 100 voices we are forced to hear.

There are over 7 Billion people in this world and people of color and class are fighting, petitioning, and warring all over this world aiming to gain peace, equality and justice.

Right about now whether we live in conformity, brainwashing, or the flat out bullshit to keep sitting back acting as if Truth has not come to light, will only create more darkness, and if you think you are exempt from the spread of this darkness for whatever reason you tell yourself look at reality now and see you can barely escape the earshot of the discussion so how will you escape the full onset of the darkness if this spread does not decease.

Most just want to live comfortable without lasting debt- for many this alone is peace, equality, justice, and compassion- having the right to live simply because they have life to live. The same way one class and race has the right to enjoy life as they please everyone else wants the same.

Middle Ground

On an episode of Super Soul Sunday with co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul Jack Canefield shared how “Chicken Soup for the Soul” was rejected 700 times before it was published and became the success we know today.

August 2015 I came up with an idea for a company I named “Middle Ground Transportation” which is a program designed to carter to pre-teens ages 11-13.  The idea was to provide transportation to our area’s STEM Early High School, and two of the charter schools in our area. Along with school transportation I also wanted to offer day trips to the students during the summer, because here in Henderson it’s an area of gangs, growing crime, and poverty. I shared the idea with a few friends and family- everyone agreed it was a tremendous idea, I started the Go Fund Me page and in 30 days I didn’t raise one dime.  I closed the account thinking it was either my approach or people didn’t want to help.

In January 2016 I joined a Business Coaching Community and for me I can’t find a way around the need for money.  To file the license, to get help with the business plan, to acquire transportation for the transportation it all requires money.

Last week I asked maybe 7-10 people if they knew of places that help with loans, where credit and employment is an issue.

I was introduced to Mr. Brown through a friend and he has agreed to help with all paperwork, and directing me towards business funding and grants-my only responsibility now is to take care the state paperwork. He does not work for free he is just willing to help with a start until I can establish “funding/income”.

Where I am with this current situation and almost everything else in my life, this has been my crossroad, my  “Middle Ground”. The difference between crying the sobbing story and actually needing more than what I acquire.  I read a meme yesterday that stated ” I either make $3 last a whole week or I drop $100 in 5 minutes. There is no in between” I understood this meme because whenever a decent amount of money hits my hand it goes to support the family.  No matter how I aim to budget or save I have yet to acquire the ability to save and rise.  I know my life and conditions do not reflect this life of basically no money, I am 40 years old with 3 children still with my parents. The two times I attempted to live on my own both resulted in eviction because I could not gather the means to make ends meet or grow.  For the last 6 years I have saved every receipt I acquire just to prove to myself and anyone else who needs to see, I only spend on our needs and food. We seldom leave the house, let alone do many fun things and we have not had a vacation in over 3 years.

My car died on my birthday two years ago and I did everything possible to maintain maintenance, I receive no paternal support for my younger two children, I haven’t worked since November 2015, and there is more of a conspiracy against me in my family, then I am willing to address.  Today this Middle Ground is hitting hard because this is the second time this year $100 has hindered me moving forward with a business and career opportunity.   I have applied for employment and even one position I am looking at requires a food handlers license, another fee- small fee but another fee that just got spent on pads and water. I am sure I have heard no 700 times when it’s comes to the type of finances that will rise me above -loans, decent paying positions, grants for other businesses I have worked towards, sufficient amount of clients in the cleaning business, sufficient hours at work, sufficient pay at work, saving then an emergency hits, you name it , it’s happened; just last Wednesday I dented another car that wasn’t mine taking my son lunch to school.

Today this Middle ground is hitting and I am wondering do I find myself in this predicament often as a sobbing story or some one who really needs help?

I have done much to rise my mental above this life, and most days my mind and thoughts are so high I forget my pockets are often dry.  I have seen many things work out and I am truly looking forward to this “Middle Ground” doing the same!!


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