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He promises many blessings

Happy Sunday

Success Inspirers' World

Speaking through
His written
And living Word,
And he wants you to trust him and reassures you
That whoever believes
In him and does not
Doubt, and confidently
Tells the world
About him will be
Abundantly blessed.
Believe and don’t doubt,
My friend;
Doubt will rob you
Of an influx of blessings
That should flow to you;
Confirm your belief by confidently sending forth
This message
To reach and bless
As many people as
For your trust
In him,
Your obedience
To his command,
And generosity of heart
To share his blessings,
He will shower you
With an abundance that
Will not
Delay to pour down
On you from his
Heavenly throne.
Share, reblog and wait in faith!
Your miracle will happen.
I have given to you as received; pass it on.

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The cure to the curse

Become Generous in ALL AREAS

Break the Masters Control

Share wholeheartedly what you have for the deeds and services granted that day



The Good and Greatness Only

The Pain we can Bare

Niki1K – 7/6/2018 4:42 PM

“At” Specially with the Children

“ It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men” – Frederick Douglas

Afterthought while in the kitchen 7/ 6/2018 5:00 PM

Double Sharing with the children

7/6/2018 8:48 PM

Week in Reflection 7/1 – 7/6/2018

My Week in Reflection 7/1/2018-7/6/2018

THIS WEEK- No Worry, No Hurry, No Judgment, No Comments, No unknown attitudes, No imposes, No Assumptions, No what if’s

Not one time this week was I in the presence of toleration or people feeling a “ certain way”. I came out wanting to be around people and I felt and knew the feeling was mutual by the ones I reached out to

This week the ONLY emotions I experienced were Love, sharing, learning and listening. A few glimpses of now you understand how they ended up in those “ shoes”.

Truth revealed in Silence, Freedom and Music 🎶🎼

Blue and Michelle held a girl down

A “Holiday” on Bible Study Wednesday

Granted an Insight and Motivation filled with Great Memories topped with Current Experiences of things I thought I could no longer have again


Never dismiss the Blessings of Being Grown and I am not speaking mainly about age

Grown in the ability of LIVING and ACCEPTING WHO YOU ARE in PEACE

This was My Independence and Freedom for this Week. I am in Awe and Laughter of how it All went down without a dime to my name.

Trust to Be Happy and Me is really priceless. My smiles are laughter of how good things are the majority of the times and how well things turn out, knowing that in other shoes, life maybe worse.

Happy Friday- woke up this afternoon in Silence and this is what flowed

A Sense of Freedom

Biblical Principles are not what’s keeping us enslaved

Failure to understand How Godly we are regardless of trails and choices is what’s keeping us enslaved

Anything that doesn’t fit the image, tradition or teaching has a tendency to automatically create guilt, shame, resentment or more fear

When we aim to Live Kingdom

The Fear Decreases and the Desire to Ascend Accelerates Immensely

You treat All as Godly as possible because You are living as Godly as possible

What’s right and wrong

Soul and Mind

We misunderstand Soul and Mind

Thus misunderstanding the Outside of ourselves






These are the plagues we see but haven’t grabbed to Heal

Niki1k – July 4, 2018

Seed Planted – 1st Piece Written Revisited

On July 4, 2018 In silence God whispered this is the piece and seed sown that sets me Free.

Planted 1/24/2004 – I knew Then when I wrote this, my Life would never be the same

Just too time spent Frustrated so living this vision tarried longer than it should

DeClutter and remember the Message God gave You

Thank You everyone in Genius is Common for the flow in Words to accompany the DeClutter – Birth Your Dreams and Visions not your Worry and Fears

How This War was Won

January 16, 2016

This piece was originally written 1/24/2004

How This War was Won

We know the Words

The Bible, Kiing, Malcolm and Ghandi

We know the Music

Motown, Marley, “Black Seed” and more

History repeats, mainly because mindsets don’t change

Vietnam-Iraq, Your parents-you, My kids- me

This prosaic peice started as a short poem, that formed a letter, a letter that formed a message

I started writing and couldn’t stop it was the beginning of a process to Let Go.

This is one of the 1st pieces I developed with Honors and Blessings to GOD.

Read carefully and look because all of GOD’s works are in a book

This book will tell the story

The story of how things become

The movie will produce to display How This War was Won

Victory your Eyes will see

Joy your heart will Feel

A Mind Blowing sensation that’s totally surreal

The Soul and Spirit are overwhelmed so they cry

An extraordinary song of Praise

The spiritual, mental, and physical become in tact, and tight -one

The mind is filled by Happiness, Goodness, Health and Wealth

Yes this life is Finally True

Give your Heart to GOD

And He will tell You what to do

Take heed and learn from the stumbles and falls

Obey, Give, Be of Good Courage and always stand tall

Apply these words diligently

They will provide peace and love forever more

Let go and let GOD settle score

Alpha, Omega, without doubt

This war is over and won

So now my people lets’ dance and shout.

I know the challenges and struggles we face are real but so is GOD and Unity. Unity is not everyone agrees, Unity is the ability for everyone to work together to accomplish the greater good.

June 10, 2018 Thought

We are living in a world desperate for healing

Fighting so many diseases

Almost Everyone has a form of dis-ease

Be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual

At this Moment this world is desperate for healing


Much Love, Peace, Soul, Happiness and Blessings


Niki1k- 6/10/2018

Of Mine

By Ania Otts

Written for STEM 8th Grade English 2018

May my Family of Mine

Rise Above and Shine

Even when I’m gone

May it always dawn

That I was never really gone

May all of you be guided

and not Divided

Pleaser don’t be Pride

but be reminded

To Live in triumph

and not fear.