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Happy Father’s Day 


I HONOR those who live this Title 

-May you Have a Wonderfully Blessed Day 

I Pray for the Hearts of those who want too but can’t seem to find their way

I Pray that Future Fathers’ Uphold this Privilege to their Best

I Pray for ALL Father’s whose Deeds surpass every Test 

I Pray double Blessings to the Fathers of the Fatherless.

May June 18, 2017 be a day you know that Fathers’ are LOVED and NEEDED, and WE ARE BLESSED by your ROLE

Which One Shows?

My week in review- March 19-24 7th day she resting with Everything that God Allows

Monday was Perfect

Tuesday- Thursday – WTF

Friday – I spoke from you know what – but here’s the thing – I sat down at 7 PM to get back in align with the schedule and this is what I had to accept that’s keeping me in my cycle.  It was Ugly and Petty – which also clears up why so many other things keep showing their face.

I, Niki Lakia Alston, get so distracted by BULLSHIT AND $5 – I mean what can I say I don’t play when it comes to my tips- as I am so serious and enjoy my waitress life – more than I like to admit too- certain levels of Freedom in that restaurant world that the reminder of the world forces you to lie or deny.

That it almost knocked me off one of  the Greatest Revelations thus far.

See Faith is believing That God got You, Let It Go , Let IT Be,

Doubt and listening to people EVERYWHERE BE IT IN PERSON OR TV tells you all the things you need to be doing.

God Got It so Let IT Be

You see I Love Everything about Letting it be except this _”where is the money to live letting it be -be”

So I grab this- I do that – and in my grabbing and doing I Love to jump at waitressing and then have to argue about $5 and tips – SMH

However this morning was a return back to schedule without my doing- the hours changed – so 6 AM service returned, and I finished everything at 5 PM- so 7 PM returned and I got this

“Stop letting the pettiness Demon live in me – no more. So fucked up in the game something is STILL always being stolen from me in ALL AREAS because I rob my own joy being in these circles and not knowing how to ignore the shit and except it for the reason you enjoy that circle anyway.

Complain Yes- Kill No- Fight No -why -because the freedom I retreat to – Always shows me my foolishness in arguing over the $5 to begin with- stop getting sucked in to that shit

Head has not been done how I want it in the last five years because I refuse to give in- Laugh typing but serious for real -$5

Victor- Tell’em I made my Petty video

What can I say it’s been quite challenging to Live and Learn yet in Freedom I laugh, in your world I argue

Which life would You choose?

And which one shows?

Happy Friday World – Enjoy the Weekend

Tai Miles, Radreka Bradley Princessa Palmer- Hayes, Rhonda Watts and Nissa- Day 33 of Surrender – Grace and Glory -Day 83 of 365- Day 21 of 40 Day Lent- Grace-
Which One Shows?

The Wound Attempts to Help The Scar

I haven’t shared my own voice in awhile, the 1st Month of 2017 is coming to a close and the order of my focus has changed just a little
1. God
2. Self
3. My children
4. Family
5. The world in reference to the contributions I make currently
6. The world in reference to the contributions I will make towards the future

I have shared with some “Its taken me 20 plus years to get in this shit and it just may take me 20 plus years to get out of it.”

This year will mark my 7th year of Transition into many areas of life -spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally, and Lord aw mercy for the financially. While I have gained milestone transitions in mindset; physically the Baby steps are in motion but as shared with a friend – “This year is the working for those steps to pick up speed”

But for the meantime in between time, in the words of a sermon by TD Jakes

“allow me to stitch your scar while I hold my wound”

We all know what and who we have in the physical office that has caused and created much chaos in a matter of 10 days. For many of us we know Who is the ruler and author of our life so whose in office doesn’t have much bearing on our lives anyway. Yet in my thinking, if we could see what’s at hand and work boldly together, while he is in the process of using everything in his power to destroy as much as possible, this is our opportune time to build and rebuild especially if we didn’t use the prior 8 years to do so.

Prior to this post I shared two videos that provide insight on building financially. Yesterday I wrote a document to assist towards a module for a financial literacy workshop. I amaze myself at times having access to some of the things I do but have yet to apply them to my own life, thus understand why I say:

“allow me to stitch your scar while I hold my wound”

The document i wrote yesterday addressed mindset, money and wealth. While there are many forces working in this world that play a part in much i.e. society, environments, levels of education, etc.
Between yesterday’s document and today’s video mindset, money, and wealth are three things we all have access too. How we are using them and what we are doing with them are the factors that we of the darker shades of hue have drastically got to change.

Once the financial literacy course is complete, I will share with you the dates and times the class will be offered. Please know that i am not the teacher of this class I only offered some insight towards mindset, money and wealth which was gained from two books I have been studying from, and some advice I know a few of my family members and friends are living..

So, in the meantime in between time “allow me to stitch your scar while I hold my wound” and close with this- examine the mindset, gain insight of money, and desire to know wealth

Because as rich as one may consider themselves to be, unless one has $1000-$5000 at disposal to share with anyone between the ages of 16-25, and I am not speaking of a charity, I am speaking of an actual individual on a monthly basis, and not miss it or have to care where its going, we are missing the mark to create the money and wealth that’s needed to sustain our Future.

Pay Attention to everything that’s being taken away and ask yourself if the bank was to drop today do you own most of what you have, can you rightfully say this is mine and it is paid for, other than clothes and shoes?

These are the things we have to change for Future- “allow me to stitch your scar while I hold my wound” and deeply consider our stand for our Future, and what can we currently do now to contribute to making and creating drastic changes.

PS the $1000-$5000 will be explained at another time but in between time consider all things ages 16-25 need and could use during this time on a monthly basis beside clothes, shoes, cell, and entertainment – and this is the start of ideas to develop that will come into play – thus being a creator and provider of opportunities

October 31, 2016 

Today I enjoyed – I have one hour 7 minutes before my baby girl, middle child, second daughter will be 13 years old- officially a teenager ( this was the time I started this note) 
We had a Great Time tonight and to place an end to a Perfect Day – I am sitting down reading Proverbs 31 for Day 31 of the month
The title of the 1st section Wisdom for Leaders verses 1-9
Title of second section Wise Women verses 10-31
Verses 8-9 
8. “Open your mouth for the speechless,

In the case of all who are appointed to die.

9. Open your mouth, JUDGE righteously, 

And plead the cause for the poor and needy.”

A few days ago I shared an article about Leaders knowing the difference between Judge to evaluate and Judgements-mental – making assumptions 

May I Be Blessed with Discernment to JUDGE WISELY- facts and truth- no more assumptions 

Happy Monday Evening last Day of October -55 minutes remain in this day (the time when finished typing and editing); the 60 day countdown to the closing of 2015 Strong, Honest, Trust and Focus – Lets Make IT Great with Much Love, Peace, Soul and Happiness 



The holder prints “Take what you need”

I picked Hope

I stay encouraged
That’s what I vowed to do
I read it in the Good Book
Know a song about it too

Suppression blocks Encouragement

Thus I Hope for what I need

“Keep Hope Alive” I watched Jessie shout this through the screen
Pun to many jokes add laughters to the room

Hope is what’s keeping me to Survive


Person who aims to Be
Encouraged at all times

I keep Hope Alive
I Survive
Living each day reaching to Thrive

The G.R.U.D.G.E 



Refused to be 





Copyright Niki Alston October 10, 2016 

This past week October 2- October 8 God has once agin revealed MUCH. This battle we face I say again is for the Souls and the Spirits.  

We are Spirits here on Earth, these choices we face are either building or destroying Spirit. There is a hold on gripes, misperceptions, false teachings, and lack of understanding that has festered into damaging grievances that has at the moment were at today.

At this time we are all being called to look at ourselves deeper than ever to say what will I do to shape the future. We have defined the problems, We have watched the lies unfold, now it is our time to stand for the Soul and Spirits of the Future.

I write to express my thoughts, I Live to be a solution, I aim daily to join with others to display the One Accord of Better and Greatness, praying to be a “Great Truth whose opposite is also Truth”

We have more choices than we examine, and we have to look outside of the mainstream to focus on the stream of Unity to change things around. We can Restructure more than we think. Learn everything they are not teaching and discussing here is the start of planting seeds within to generate ideas out. Everyday read history, learn something new completely outside the culture, start to go places you haven’t been, and in the newness- newness will reveal more of itself.

Today I pray That we ALL Be Blessed to see what Spirit is saying beyond what is being shown before us. I know the message may seem as repeat but right now we are still in the repeat of racism, crooked politicians and candidates, we are still fighting for fair pay and equal opportunity- until the issues are resolved the message to solutions will be the same Unify, Build Spirit and Soul, seek newness to get new, Trust, Build and know the things that are R.E.A.L. 



Accurately beyond 


Will create and Generate the next Level of Transformation to things that have been started but have not quite gain the momentum to solidify impact.

Happy Good Monday World – I promise I am Seeking the depth required to be more of solution 

What’s the Police Solution

In the conclusion of a conversation held Saturday, this was my final take on ALL that’s going on

“I have not posted any direct articles about Crutcher or Scott on my page- I will not watch the video because no matter what the video shows or say – it always seems to turn into what the “dead: could have done, should have done, or would have done from everyone. On both sides, it’s never heavy questioning of the cops. Understand much ridicule of the shootings, much about the shootings, but the “dead” are dragged through the mud.

My only concern about everything is this -what’s the solution to cops who are PAID to protect and serve – not shoot people of color 1st and ask questions later – what’s the solution to end that policy under the badge that allows this crime to keep happening over and over again. And if this is the new policy with no retribution, jail time, or loss of job and pay, then maybe we can start hiring gang members as officers as well so they can become more legally employed and this may end some of the issues we have on the other end”

There have been over 2000 lives mainly Black Lives lost at the hands of the police over these last few years and this is what the rage for me is about. If the shootings in our communities are senseless imagine how even more senseless it is for paid employees whose oath of their position is to protect and serve and they are acting like simple thugs with no regards to life especially the BLACK LIVES

Happy Soulful Super Suddenly Saturday – May we Be Blessed to live the remainder of these days as solutions giving voice, action, and physicality to God by becoming the Grandest version of the Greatest Vision ever held about who we are, and who we will become. The Best is yet to come- So may we all Be Blessed to Make it Great.”